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You and your stylist will discuss your hair and the look that you desire before starting to create. You will receive a personalized color and finished style to your liking. You will be educated on the products that your stylist is using to create your finished look in order to better help you style in a similar way at home. Scheduling a this service will add a fresh touch to an existing look.

Please plan 2 Hours for your appointment.
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Other Services Available

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Haircut Only

You will receive a consultation and haircut but will not receive a shampoo.

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Extension Consultation

You will have the opportunity to discuss the woes and desires of your hair. Your stylist will be able to suggest what color, length & quantity of hair needed to create your look.

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A consultation is a great place to start if you are new to pH5 Salon. This will allow you to meet your stylist and talk about your hair before your actual appointment. At your consultation you will be able to talk one on one with your stylist to become more comfortable with them and more

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Hair Cut with Finish

Your service will begin with a consultation in which we will discuss different aspects of your hair and hair goals. This will be followed by a relaxing shampoo, your haircut, and a style to finish your experience. At your appointment you will have the opportunity to learn about the products that are best for your

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